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Info for parents

Information for Parents

Thank you for choosing Gina Marie Photography for your senior's portraits. In order to provide our best possible service to you, here is a list containing information that will ensure your senior a successful photo session. Please take the time to read this information thoroughly. There are many details in creating great portraits and Gina Marie Photography will handle most of them. However, you and your senior will be responsible for some of the most basic and critical aspects.

Great portraits don't just happen. By working together we will help create your cherished images.

If for any reason your senior will not be able to keep their appointment, please call the studio. Our studio reserves the right to reschedule your appointment due to uncontrolled weather conditions.

We recommend not scheduling other activities on the day of your reservation. Rushing in or out for a session, or "clock-watching" while you are in the studio can stress and fatigue you and your senior. This might be reflected in the finished work. For early morning sessions, have your senior get enough rest the night before.

Your portraits will reflect the thought and effort you put into them. Elements of the portrait which are controlled by you include: sunburn, hair styles/facial hair, nail polish, wardrobe selection, jewelry, make-up, etc.

Please be sure to let us know at the consultation what style, props, backgrounds, etc., that you would like your images to reflect.

This is an exciting time of life for you and your senior. We want to make your experience with Gina Marie Photography an enjoyable and memorable one.