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Engagement Portraits

Designing the Perfect Engagement Portrait

Here at Gina Marie Photography, we understand that your Love Portrait will mark the beginning of a new adventure in your life. We will document this special time for you and begin capturing memories that will last a life-time! To ensure your portrait is as beautiful as can be, follow these guidelines:
1.Schedule your portrait a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding day. The sooner the better! This allows adequate time for the lab to process your prints.
2.Choose outfits that suit your personality and make you feel attractive. Make sure that the color of the garments you select harmonize and that the style of both outfits is well-coordinated. Please do not wear short skirts or shorts, as they make posing more difficult. Long flowing dresses and jeans or khaki pants are better choices.
3.Start thinking about props; they can make your Love Portrait unique. Consider a picnic basket and a couple of wine glasses. Other options include musical instruments and pets. Also consider larger props like motorcycles, cars, and boats.
4.Don't worry about the location. Once you have set your appointment and selected your clothing, we will discuss location options with you. We have access to many secret hideaways. Just tell us what you envision, and we will do the rest.
5.Open your eyes to interesting photo opportunities. Browse through romantic postcards, paintings, and magazine advertisements. We can often re-create such images with you as the subjects!
6.Keep in mind that the Love Portrait is often displayed at the reception (consider a signature frame to allow guests to add a personalized message!). Many couples also include their Love Portrait in their wedding invitations or use framed portraits as party favors or bridal party gifts.
7.If you have a friend or family member you would like a portrait of, bring them to your Love Portrait session. We can easily turn a single sitting into a multiple-client one. Please inform us as to whether you'll be inviting anyone along to the session when you schedule your appointment.
8.Relax and have fun!